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A thrilling encounter with wildlife at Hobatere Lodge !

6 eco-friendly twin rondavel rooms and 6 double bungalows nestled in nature with free roaming wildlife, await guests at Hobatere Lodge. Located 70km northwest of Kamanjab which is about a 6-hour drive from the capital city of Namibia, Hobatere is a must visit for adventure seekers.

Hobatere gets its name from the Nama language when translated means ‘Find for me’ and is also known as the ‘Little Etosha’ as it boasts a selection of wildlife.

The drive to Hobatere is manageable as the road is tarred till the main entrance gate, where visitors are then required to drive a further 16km on gravel. However, fear not as both 4x4 and sedan vehicles can still take on this route provided that drivers keep to the 40km/h speed limit!

My travel partner and I had the opportunity to visit Hobatere Lodge which prides itself in a number of sustainable tourism practices, such as the usage of solar power for water heating systems.

As hot water tends to take a few minutes before it heats up, in efforts to conserve water the lodge provides each rondavel and bungalow with a bucket which visitors can use to collect the cold water during this process. The collected water is then used for cleaning purposes of the rooms.

In addition Hobatere works closely with the Namibian Lion Trust foundation to ease human & wildlife conflict in order for both to peacefully coexist. With sustainable travel being at the forefront of the lodge, without a doubt years from now future generations will get to experience the lodge the same way many visitors are experiencing it today, if not better!

Being a community-based lodge, Hobatere also aims at improving the local community. Many would agree that among some of the best things in life would be achieving goals that one has set for themselves. Hobatere has given the local community the chance to do just that by providing them with employment opportunities as well as equipping employees with a number of hospitality skills.

As it is with travel, my travel partner and I always strive to embark on our journey’s, with open minds. Engaging with people of a community is something we thoroughly enjoy, and during our stay, we met Thobias who spontaneously sat down with us to narrate his life story.

A very friendly man if we must say, Thobias is one of two game drive guides at the lodge. He shared a brief summary of how he started off as a dishwasher and worked his way up to becoming a guide. This is an achievement he highlighted that he was very proud off and carries it with so much honor.

As avid travelers who enjoy all things adventure, a stay at Hobatere catered to just that. Want to know how? Well continue reading….

Upon arrival at the main gate we were welcomed by a few giraffes and a notice board that warned us not to climb out of our vehicle for the next 16km because of the free roaming lions and elephants with in the area.

This for obvious reasons had our adrenaline pumping as it was somewhat of a sign that we were in for an amazing stay.

Upon arrival at the reception, both the lodge manager (Daphne) and one of the employees (Walter) wholeheartedly welcomed us and gave us a brief tour of the lodge.

After having settled in our room, we opted to unwind at the lapa to view game that tend to visit the waterhole while we waited for dinner to be served before we called it a night.

Having craved for a thrilling experience the following day we had the opportunity to go on a night game drive. We have been on several game drives before but a NIGHT GAME DRIVE was something totally new.

An experience we must say that you should consider doing once in your lifetime. Words that we can only use to describe the experience is ‘Mind Blowing’!

Why? Well Picture this – its dark, you are on a game drive truck with a guide and a spotter who has a spotlight for nocturnal game viewing and the only thing you can see around you is what the spotter has his light fixed on. Mind you, you are driving around in an area where there are free roaming nocturnal animals, lions and elephants to name but a few. Thrilling enough?

Want to experience this sort of adventure?

Hobatere lodge offers game drives throughout the day.

The Lodge currently has a special for SADC residents for their rooms that are currently going for N$ 650 till 31 March 2021, after which normal SADC Rates will apply. Book your stay at or call 061 228 104.

Game drives: With a 50% discount for local visitors

· Morning drive: 06h30 am (N$ 580)

· Afternoon drive: 17h00pm (N$ 580)

· Night drive: 20h30pm (N$ 650)

Hobatere is Covid-19 Complaint and has hand sanitiser stations across the lodge, the staff actively also always have their masks on to ensure that safety is maintained throughout ones stay.

If you are looking to experience time away in nature and truly appreciate what Namibia has to offer in all its beauty, then a visit to the lodge is a must. Seek to always find places that feel like home and Hobatere offers just that.


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