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Desert Wonder – Comfort, Luxury and Relaxation.

Located in a quiet neighbourhood on 37 Riverside Avenue, Swakopmund Namibia; Desert Wonder is your ideal home away from home.

The three-levelled bedroom home not only offers amazing views of the Namib Dunes from each floor but is also guarantees that you get value for your money.

You’d often want to visit Desert Wonder every time you find yourself in Swakopmund and this is why?

  • As you make your way towards the driveway of this home, you are instantly met by a sense of light cool breezes which are not foreign to Swakopmund.

  • Desert Wonder accommodates for up to six people and charges for the enitre home per night and not per person per night.

  • Each level of this home has its own unique design that stands out. The first floor has a double-bedroom, that comes with its own bathroom and a set of L Shaped stairs that undoubtedly will have you wanting to climb them to further explore the home.

  • Once you get to the second floor, shades of greys, whites and soft browns are colours that instantly draw you in. The open-plan design on this floor will excite just about anyone as it allows for you to experience the entire floor without any boundaries blocking your view. This is where you can also lounge.

  • Desert Wonder is a self-catering home all you need to do is bring your own food as cookware, barbecue grills and other kitchen utensils are provided by the home.

  • The third level of the home; where the remaining two bedrooms can be found brings with it, its own feel of what a quite day at the beach would seem like as the interior design reflects just that.

  • Both rooms on the third level each come with their own bathrooms as well, but the cherry on top of the cake would be the master bedroom as it has an inbuilt bathtub that has view that overlooks the Namib Dunes, perfect for warm bubble baths if you ask me.

Other amenities:

· Double garage

· Balcony that overlooks the Namib Dunes

· Wi-Fi

· Laundry room

· Fireplace

· Book Shelve with a range of reading books to pick from

· Portable and inbuilt wall heaters

A few house rules:

  • No loud parties are allowed as Desert Wonder is located in a residential area and there are other apartments on the premises.

  • No smoking inside the home however smoking is allowed outside or on the balcony.

  • Fresh towels can be provided on request as well as a cleaning service between 10h00 and 13h00.

  • Do ensure that the gates remain closed at all times for your safety as well as the safety of the other guests.

  • Visitors are allowed, however: may not restrict or interfere with the parking of other guests. May not overnight without prior agreement from the management of Air Sand and Stay.

Want to book your stay at Desert Wonder?

Contact: Heidi +264 811 29 04 89 / Alex +264 81 246 1356


Twitter: @airsandstay

Instagram: airsandstay

Facebook: Air Sand and Stay


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