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Keep local tourism alive!

Updated: May 5, 2020

The world has been such a crazy place of late and it undoubtedly will continue to be for the coming months. It is an open secret that tourism industries have been hit hard by the harsh reality of the COVID-19 outbreak and Namibia has felt this.

Namibia over the past few months, after having recorded a number of Covid-19 cases has seen a standstill in the local tourism and hospitality business. As necessary travel restrictions and other measures were enforced to help contain the further spread of the virus.

As an avid traveller, over the past few days - I found myself being part of the lockdown in Namibia with thoughts of how I could do my part in promoting post corona local travel with in the country to help and support the tourism industry.

It is for this reason that I have decided to share a few local Namibian Travel and Hospitality specials that I have come across of which many locals can take up. The list ranges from campsites, to budget friendly as well as discounted luxury rooms with their rates.

The country is now headed into its second stage of Covid-19 restrictions and has announced that the public as of 5 May 2020 would be permitted to travel without restrictions domestically; this would however be assessed over a period of days. Border entry's for non-Namibian's however still remain closed.


None of the information provided by the author is sponsored. This blog is written with the sole intent to educate. The information of this entry was gathered and rephrased, to suit the style of the author. We advise for further research on the different products or discounts as the entry mentioned are summaries of these products and their discounts. We will not be held liable for any loss or misinformed applications, so use this information at own risk. This blog in no way shape or form represents the author's employer, family or associates.

Some advice before booking any of these;

  • Inquire with your place of choice/choices if whether bookings that are made during the dates of when these specials are running can be scheduled for dates later down the year as in the list below a few are offering this method.

  • Place of choice you wish to visit should be in compliance with the prescribed health & hygiene guidelines. Make sure to inquire about this as well

List specials:

1. Spitzkoppe Tented Camp & Campsite

2. River Crossing

3. Helmeringhausen Hotel

4. Erongo Platue Camp

5. Kifaru Luxury Lodge & Bush Camp

6. Namibia Wildlife Resorts

7. Epupa Falls Lodge

8. Duwisib Guestfarm & Camping

9. Madisa Camp

Remember that TRAVEL WILL RETURN! Stay safe.


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