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The First Time I Realised That Exploring Alone Was Stress-Free!!

A few years ago I believe on one of the few trips that I have taken so far a travel bug must have bit me, only thing that can explain my craving to constantly explore. I found that it was much easier to get from place to place when I was basically by myself. This realisation hit me when I was in the United Kingdom (UK) during a street art excursion two years ago.

The tour which lasted for about 2 hours in a city called Bristol located southwest of England with a prosperous maritime history show cased a bunch of street art work done by an anonymous England-based graffiti artist known to many around the world as Banksy.

I remember it being cold and rainy, standing in front of College Green the advised meeting point which was this humongous amazing brown building that was surrounded by a large portion of green grass, I guess that is where it got its name from.

As I stood there in my big black rain coat jacket which was a life saver every time I went out, white jeans and colourful sneakers that where filled with loads of socks that prevented by toes from freezing I thought to myself that if you were with any other person they would have definitely complained about how nasty the weather was set up that day and wouldn’t have gone out.

However as alone as it may sound I was happy that there was no one at the tip of my shoulder constantly saying ‘Tina lets go home I don’t see why you would walk in such weather or what is so fascinating about this tour’.

So a bunch of solo travellers and I walked the streets of Bristol with a friendly tour guide who told us a bit about the street art in and around the city.

Fast forward to the end of the tour I basically sat down for about 40 minutes processing the whole experience plus all I wanted was to stay outside longer looking for more street art, to think about it now I actually find it funny that I forgot it was cold that day, but because I had so much fun that didn’t even matter at the time.

I learned that the best experiences tend to happen when you are alone, because you get to socialise with different people whom you never thought a day in your life you would talk too and no one would think you mad crazy. Secondly you could basically just get up pack your bag for a day tour or even longer without worrying about if plans would ever fit in a second party’s schedule.

Thirdly you could go anywhere and everywhere by yourself and you wouldn’t even have to be worried about one or two or even more people not enjoying sightseeing places you may find to be fascinating.

Trust me exploring with a bunch of people who are not open to trying and adapting to new things will only bring your exploring mood down, as people can sometimes prove to be difficult. However if you’re like me and can easily learn to gel with weirdness have a BOMBASS time!!


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