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Villa Vista the perfect city stay.

VILLA VISTA GUESTHOUSE is an aesthetically pleasing and quiet safe haven nestled in 5 Luther Street, Eros - Windhoek, Namibia. 

The guesthouse house is run by Franset and her husband who were such lovely hosts. If I am to rate the service given to me from the moment I called to enquire about the guesthouse up until I left, I’d definitely give them a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating which I believe is so very well deserved.

This lodging features a number of spacious double sized bedrooms decorated with a minimalistic theme that comes with; a shower, bathtub, air conditioning, a telephone, TV screen, mini bar fridge, desk, international adaptors as well as a hot beverage tray. 

Each room also has its own private patio/ balcony. Not forgetting the show stopping white wall plant climbers that complement the elongated outdoor sky-blue pool, centred in front of all the rooms.

Due to the Pandemic and the slow influx in guests the lodging currently has a special running that is inclusive of breakfast. The great thing about Villa Vista is that they have an active website as well as a Facebook page where information on promotions and rates are shared. You can also contact them directly at +264 61 222 602.

Here are a few perks of Villa Vista:

· Villa Vista is an ideal venue for events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers and brunches to name but a few.

· There is access to unlimited Wi-Fi. 

· A reading area that can be found near the pool with an array of books.

· Self-catering is also available. You are allowed to take your own food or opt to BBQ if you wish to. Cutlery and a BBQ grill is provided by the lodging upon request.

· Secured garage parking with individual access remotes that offer guests the freedom to drive in and out whenever they may like. 

· Villa Vista also offers customised breakfast of your choosing. The hosts were kind enough to ask what we specifically wanted and they had no trouble making it.

· You can play your own music if you wish to, but remember to be considerate towards fellow guests by not playing it way to loud. 

· There is also a mini Sauna, if you are looking to relax your muscles, flush toxins via sweating process or even cleanses your skin.

· The lodging also has an in-house gym facility, but we could not make use of it as it was really dusty. I however am urging the lodging to restore it and make sure it is constantly kept clean, as a number of people have taken a liking in working out.

All in all, I had an amazing stay and I would definitely recommend Villa Vista Guesthouse to anyone that just wants to get away for a while and isn’t able to leave the city. I promise you that you’ll get the much-needed rest that you may be looking for, a fun time to just hang out with friends or a laid-back setting for you and a loved one. 

Enjoy and make the most of it! 


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